Using our significant experience in the field of technical security Tecmasters now offers various levels of TSCM training.

Our TSCM training modules vary from teaching the fundamental principles of TSCM through to the delivery of TSCM services including planning, equipment and technical training, reporting and technical analysis.

Whether you are an individual looking to broaden your technical security knowledge or an organisation looking for awareness training for key staff. Tecmasters will have a solution for you. Depending on what you would like to achieve from our TSCM Training. Modules can be tailored to your requirements ensuring your company meets security guidelines and employs best practice solutions in the work place.

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Audiovisual Conference


Whilst Tecmasters offer varying levels of training. Our most popular is the 1 day introductory course. This course is designed in such a way to give you a general overview and feel for TSCM whilst gaining hands on experience with a demonstration of the equipment followed by a practical examination.

One Day TSCM Introductory Training Course

1. An introduction to TSCM sweeping equipment.
2. An introduction to sweeping techniques and procedures.
3. An introduction to radio frequency propagation and radio bug characteristics.
4. Audio listening devices including microphones, accelerometers and 240V mains devices.
5. Telephone intercept techniques and how to minimise the threat.
6. Modern digital vulnerabilities and wi-fi intercept.
7. Practical search exercises and kit familiarisation.