Why Choose Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Team?

  1. Experience: Our bug sweeping service is operated by personal with an unrivalled amount of field experience and industry knowledge. 

  2. Advice: We frequently assist clients by providing professional advice and expert opinion on surveillance equipment and counter surveillance techniques. So you can guarantee that our knowledge is always up-to-date.

  3. Equipment: We use the latest and best equipment. Not to mention some of the most expensive. Our equipment is streets ahead of what most other companies or online shops can offer.

  4. Professionalism: We’ll give you complete peace of mind. Not only will all your questions be answered by a seasoned professional – we’ll also provide you with a complete and detailed report of our bug sweep.

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The corporate environment carries many security risks. Most are alleviated with efficient practices and modern systems. However, protecting your companies confidential information is of paramount importance. Listening devices and covert cameras can capture M&A activity, contract negotiations, company secrets, financial details the list is endless. Employing a TSCM company to perform an ECM sweep of your offices, Directors cars and homes should be part of any companies security strategy.

By using Tecmasters highly experienced team you can protect your company from these threats, minimise risk to your organisation and gain invaluable advice to protect from threats in the future.

We recommend a complementary initial visit to your offices to assess the scope of the task, review the areas which you would like serviced and develop a project plan for your company.

Once the plan is agreed our team will visit your premises at a time convenient for your company and using our specialist equipment perform a full TSCM survey.

Tecmasters have clients in a wide range of business sectors including financial and investment organisations, legal enterprises, pharmaceuticals, government and local government departments, sports clubs, retail and blue chip sectors.


Advances in technology and modern espionage tactics mean that someone attempting to retrieve information now target the victims home in order to achieve their goal. Ultimately homes are vulnerable to attack from business partners, an employer, a professional organisation or a relative.

If you feel your property may have been compromised or wish to ensure your residence is free from any listening devices then contact our experienced team who will be able to guide you through the process. In order to supply you with a quotation to carry out the work we will just need to know how many rooms require the bug sweeping service along with an idea of the size of the property.

We will also establish the threat level that you perceive and gain an understanding of your timescales.
Once our team have the relevant information we will offer you a flat rate figure to carry out the task.

Front of Car


All transport vehicles offer a considerable opportunity for anyone wishing to obtain critical information. If you feel your office or home environments may have been targeted by someone then your vehicle would also be an obvious choice to place a listening device or tracker.

GPS trackers can quickly be placed and hidden onto a vehicle which will track your movements. This enables the party placing the device an opportunity to build a detailed picture of your daily activities. If someone has access to your vehicle for a short period of time this creates the possibility that a listening device could be placed into the inside of your car which will monitor your conversations.

Assessing whether someone has had access to your vehicle or not and understanding your threat levels will determine what level of device could be fitted to your car. Our experienced team will use our specialised equipment to perform a full search of your vehicle.